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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Colors in the Build Success over Time Report

The Build Success over Time report shows a color that depends on a number of things. Since you have to dig in and look at the source of the report to find out where all the colors come from, I thought I’d provide a high-level overview. The following table provides the rules that are applied in order. The first rule that matches controls the color:

Color Conditions
Light Red Build status is partially succeeded
Empty There were no builds
Red At least one build failed
Amber At least one test failed
Light Green At least one test passed, and the code coverage is below the threshold (explained below)
Dark Green At least one test passed and code coverage is above or equal to the threshold (explained below)
Yellow Builds had no errors, but there are no tests run in the build

Code Coverage Threshold

The code coverage threshold is controlled by a parameter in the report called CodeCoverageThreshold, which has a default value of 0.7 (70%). The following blog posts provide two ways to change this value:


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