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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Programming is Continuous Brainstorming

I was talking about pair programming recently with Mike at a company in Everett, WA, and he asked the usual question: "Doesn't having two people working on the same computer mean we lose productivity?" In response, I blurted out a reply: "Imagine that you need to do some brainstorming and you go into a room by yourself." He got the point.

Mike is a business person, not a developer, so I came up with this analogy because I was looking for something that would resonate with a business person. However, while driving home I realized it's actually much more than a simple analogy. Programming is, in fact, continuous brainstorming, which is why two heads are better (and more productive) than one. Or even the same two people working apart.


At 2/20/09, 6:36 AM, Blogger Qu said...

Sometimes it's true. Sometimes it loops back. Like that:

Subject: The Norton Commander retrospective remake.

I am supposed to initiate a new retrospective project for the Norton Commander functionality in new terms of dynamic structures semantics {} to represent a new terms functionality of the Norton Commander file manager system and program interface design with mean to implement a new kind of basic functionality on its basis.
This is kind of programming interface to represent the current state of the dynamic structures in use like program elements and files altogether. This is a classic style interface of the Norton Commander file manager. It may present a programm data in its dynamics.
Just imagine yourself the Norton Commander interface with Kubik Rubik dynamics. Rotation of the "Norton Kubik" structure changes the current content and state of Norton Commander interface. Thus simple to gain an incredible functionality of the dynamic structures with one click by Norton Commander remake!

Kinda Rubik Norton Commander Kubik hybrid loopback.

P.S. I like computer models of railroad toys too. Like you do. Railroad Tycoon is my favorite. And I do understand that computer model suplements real model to complete our vision. True vision and conprehention.


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